Wash Out Not Over!

Cryptos have been monkey hammered or smashed this week.
We have a probable wave 3 down completed and a bounce now into wave 4 up.
Wave 5 down could go as low as 20,000…..perhaps even lower.

When manic bubbles burst, the sudden fall from grace is swift.
An across the board exodus is upon us….money is rotating into precious metals.

Long term bulls have nothing to worry about, newbies are licking their wounds.
Every parabolic market bursts, a long correction will transpire now.

Often tops or major turns are coinciding with average folks piling into such instruments.
One particular YT channel produced a video earlier this week on how to get into cryptos…strange timing!

The first sell signal came back on the 18th April…our uptrend channel was compromised.
So now we will witness a serious decline of interest in cryptos for some time.
Naysayers and the banks will promote themselves as having warned of this bubble.
These individuals miss out on the spectacular gains and freedom outside the central bank cartel.
Already they have their digital worldwide system in place…we need a collapse for them to usher in such an embedded, global control mechanism.

It is no coincidence that Michael Burry of the “Big Short” who tweeted and warned of INFLATION last year and again in February 2021, had is account deleted and was paid a visit from SEC.
You always know when you are on the truth…it hurts!

So watch for bargain prices to come in cryptos and gold and silver to soar.

Good trading!