[WARNING] To all Crypto Investors! | Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum Sell-off has JUST Started..

[WARNING] To all Crypto Investors! | Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum Sell-off has JUST Started..


Why are Crypto selling off?
Why is Dogecoin selling off?
Why is Bitcoin selling off?

In this video I will explain my view on why crypto have just started to sell off, As I believe that crypto are going through a difficult period during June.

Investing in Crypto is great as long as you know the risks.. and this is a BIG warning to all crypto investors
In this video I will show you my technical and cyclical analysis on bitcoin, ethereal and Dogecoin so you can understand why crypto are selling off.

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Disclaimer and risk warning:
Trading and investing are risky activities, you can lose money. Always put to risk the amount of money you can afford to lose. Everything I say in this video is NOT a financial advise, in case you lose money I am NOT responsible for it.
Always use your best judgement before take action, you are the only one responsible for your own money.