DOTUSDT Possible to Fall to 45USDT Region Short Term

RSI and turned down, indicating downward pressure, and with the White Energy falling below level 50, the price fell to the Upper White BB and found short term support there.

In the 6h timeframe, the same thing could be happening, but since the White Energy is still above the 50 level, the price have not fallen to the White Upper BB. This could happen the next 6h candle, where the price of the White Upper BB should increase to somewhere around 44.5-45 USDT.

Alternatively, the price could also trade sideways around this region for a few more 6h candles as the White Upper BB slowly increases, until it hits the 46USDT price.

Do take note that in the higher timeframes, DOTUSDT is still very bullish . This is just a short term pullback.
With the Red RSI above the 56 level currently and still going up in the 1d timeframe, and the Green Line above the White Energy in the 2d timeframe, there is still upward pressure for DOTUSDT .