CRVUSD ~ A super utility DeFi coin ready to POP!

CRV is, I believe, one of the few coins left that you can still make massive gains on, which is also part of the mainstream DeFi ecosystem.
I have no idea why, but CRV is still UNDER ONE BILLION$ MARKET CAP!
For the amount of TLV and usage and cross-chain and liquidity and etc etc etc etc that CRV already has (and has had for quite some time now) – its really confusing how it can still be so low.
It is one of the primary projects in yield and liquidity provision and functions cross-chain.

I think the #1 reason CRV isnt bought up by retail investors yet, and perhaps more institutional, is that the GUI looks like its from 1980.
If they would just get a designer to make an attractive and more user friendly UI /UX, I wouldnt imagine it not being able to reach $15-20 per CRV in a short amount of time.

Anyway, TA time: look at the chart….
1) CRV has not even beaten its previous ATH
2) CRV has only gone about 4-5x since its lows last year; while most coins have 10x or more
3) CRV chart has been consolidating and accumulating in this price range with a tightening wedge
4) These kinds of horizontal wedges are often broken to the downside unless there is macro market buy pressure – however, I’m pretty sure we have macro market buy pressure…..

At most, I would expect us to touch supports below this wedge , and then pop up.
So either way – I have already bought into CRV , and I have buy orders for more set at the price rays in the graph.

CRV is a stakable coin which you can stake solo or pair liquidity with nearly any other coin. check http://www.curve. fi and pick how you want to get your gainz!
A really incredible project. Hope they work on the user interface/experience a bit more though.