ETC/USD 15 minute time frame

Ethereum classic should be in everyone’s portfolio in my opinion and I apologize for not posting anything about it sooner. I been buying and selling the trendline all day today with holding a few more coins for long term gains each time. ETC absolutely exploded today but don’t let this deter you from joining the party. 10x gains are certainly possible for a long term hold. looking to grab more bags in the 90s area. 1000dollar coin by mid year 2022. please do your own do diligence before investing. the coin has a lot to offer but still has many flaws to work out. as always I don’t really get into what coins have to offer as far as what they do in the crypto space that’s for me and for you to do your own research i am simply showing you what I see as far as a trend. price prediction if the following weeks could see a high of $200 if not more. please break down time frames for entry and don’t panic with corrections, she likes to move alot and fast. as always trade at your own risk and i am not a financial advisor .