Free Analysis With Arshia 🆓

I have a big surprise for you folks! Yes, you guys that always supported me with your comments and your likes and even TradingView Coin donations. And I did all my best to help you grow your knowledge on crypto.
As you follow my previous ideas, I predicated the time when Alt Season was started. And I’m sure all of you are very busy enjoying surfing between coins in Alt Season and taking big profits to increase the amount of you Bitcoins and getting ready for Bitcoin final move as you can see on the chart!!!

So what is the big surprise?!?!
From today until May 10, I will give you 100% totally free Technical analysis on every coin or token you may like. Each person can choose 2 cryptos and write it down below in the comment section and I will reply it with a picture of a complete technical analysis this may help you all to check out others too see every single analysis and use it. As you may know I normally charge you $5 for each package of 5 analysis so this opportunity will save you a lot of money and of course it will help you cam up with you own analysis and you may take a lot of profits you all those Free analysis.

So, here we go. I’m waiting for your comments and let’s enjoy the second part of the ALT SEASON together.