Verge (XVG)/Bitcoin (BTC) Monthly chart analysis.

This monthly chart analysis of Verge requested on Twitter . It’s been a painful one for Verge holders as Verge is one of the better known pump and dumps. HOWEVER, a lot remains to be seen and there could be relief on the way… if you are willing to be patient. There’s good news and bad news.

The good news: Verge is essentially bottomed out… after a long 3 year downtrend, XVG has seemingly broken out of a wedge pattern in March.. although the formation began in April 2019. Not only that, the formation has formed a double bottom , and looks to be headed to a nice big cup and handle . But that is way too far away to determine.

The bad news: After a successful breakout of the wedge , this months candle seems to be bogged down by bearish pressure. However, we still have a few days to go. The RSI jumped upwards a fair amount for such a small price movement, that I would not be surprise if it breaks to the downside to form another bottom and wind up another round of bullish pressure. We MUST wait and see what the next monthly candle looks like before we can make a determination.

Best case scenario: This month closes out with bulls winning over the candle to continue the uptrend.. The RSI doesn’t go too high.

Worst case scenario: The bears win the month, and unfortunately head for yet another bottom. On the bright side… a triple bottom can only be an indicator for a nice strong trend reversal.

In my opinion: Because of where the price is in comparison to the last 4 years… if you are going to accumulate Verge, now is the time. Losses will be minimal. I will stay neutral until we can confirm.