ENJ/USDT 4h simple analysis in 25th/Apr

Hi, crypto traders.

ENJ is in Down Trend now.

Once the price went up, but before reaching 80h (blue) line, it bounced and went down again.

Because the trend is Down Trend, I think the price continues to go down today.

If there are any information about JumpNet release for all creators and collectors, I hope the price will jump up.

My prediction is as follows.

If ENJ goes up:
1st target is 2.50USD
2nd target is 2.80USD
3rd target is 3.27USD

If ENJ goes down:
1st target is 1.70USD
2nd target is 1.50USD
3rd target is 1.08USD

Enjoy your trading.

#Event schedule
xxx/2021: NFT. io launch (https://nft.io/)
xxx: Efinity launch

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JumpNet, Enjin’s new gas-free blockchain attracts 50+ NFT projects within two weeks of launch (21st/ Apr )

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