DASH broke ABOVE its Symmetrical Triangle

Hello everyone!

I wanted to provide a quick update and show that DASH has not only broken above its Symmetrical Triangle, but confirmed a close above it, even on the 1 hour chart.

Because the triangle height was roughly $40 and it broke above the triangle at around $252, I expect that DASH will reach somewhere near the $292 range.

As you can see on the chart, this $292 number is pretty important. It used it as support multiple times before breaking through it, and when it did, it practically fell to $232 after a very short consolidation period within the $272-$285 range.

It will be interesting to see how DASH will play with this $292 number, and if it will use it as resistance, or whether it will have the power to rise above and confirm it as a stable support region.

A good area to place a stop loss if desired, may be inside of or below the triangle if you are wanting to go long. Otherwise, this looks like a pretty good setup for me.

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