Chainlink 2021

Right now Chainlink’s price against bitcoin is bouncing off the 20 and 200 ema , as the 20 ema is crossing the 200 ema . A bullish cross is pinned between a 5 month long ascending triangle ceiling, and a month long uptrend with good volume . The price has until May 3rd to break to the upside, or it will fall to the downside of the ascending triangle in the 50k sat range. If it breaks to the downside, then it will have a second chance to break to the upside in mid June. At which point, either in the next week, or 45 days from now, the price should jump ~100% against BTC to ~120k sats , since that is the size of the ascending triangle . Once it does that, it will meet resistance against the bottom side of the long-term parabolic uptrend line and fall back on the uptrend it has been building, I believe this action will culminate in an ascending wedge , and will ultimately fall down to the 93k sats area…A blow off top near the end of the year could go as high as 250k sats . However, the chart does not take into account the timing of a L2 solution, or staking. Either of those released will change the price significantly for the better, so long as they work. Also, this is not Financial advice. I am not an expert.