SCBTC Supply and Demand Zones Hedge Strategy

Reality Check:
Investing/Trading is a Zero-Sum Game and based on the greater fools theory if you are not buying dividends. You buy because you seek a profit,** just like the person who sold the stock to you** – the equity stock market and the real world are not correlated to each other but a believed correlation there of.
Once understood, there is more value in knowing how your competitors/other market participants think and act. It’s only logical to then track the big players and or the crowd when they are accumulating and deaccumulating.
Risk Management, the reason you stayed **in the Game** is a Minus Sum Game, more than 60% at minimum lose money investing/trading. Having a 10% Loss takes a 12.5% Profit to go breakeven, a 90% Loss takes a 900% Profit to go breakeven.

Trading and Investing is speculative – Risk Management is not. Only your Risk can be controlled in the future.

Do your Gurus teach you anything about Risk Management? Did they teach you WHY most Traders lose money?

If more than 60% at minimum lose money, do you think those who do lose money share it? How does it feel reading a success-story while knowing you just wasted another 1000 Bucks?

Trading Setup:

Supply and Demand Zones Strategy with personal Risk Management Principles.

Risk Management Principles:

1) Assume being wrong until proven correct (Hedge)
2) Unlock in our course to stay profitable consistently

If your Job as a Trader is to filter the noise from the fiction and value their importance, how should you analyze news, balance sheets and trends and value convergences and divergences on their effectiveness?
Have you considered theta for your trades based on the average volatility?

We filter the noise for you.