ZEN/BTC Failed H&S and currently hitting resistance

ZEN had a great recovery looking at the ZEN / BTC chart.
Looking at the support and resistance lines we see that we currently did hit a resistance line.
Since we are extended that much one would think we will see a short term pullback.

We also can see a failed bullish Head and Shoulders pattern.

Basic rules:
– Never buy the top/ ATH
– Take profit as long as you can
– Use Stop/loss for leveraged positions
– If you are not experienced, don’t leverage in the first place

Enjoy the ride and don’t be too greedy.
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Chart explanation:
Main lines:
– Green lines are tested support lines.
– Orange lines are resistance lines or, if we are above, possible support lines which were not tested yet.
– Cyan line is for volume trendline.
– Purple lines are trendlines we take a look at.
– Yellow lines are for visual help only.
– Either entry zone or support zone . Check the description.