CHILLZ still undervalued, Large MACRO MOVE $3-4!!

Chillz still maintains its bullish trend with strong buying demand seen at these levels after a historic move from 1.5 cents (minor wave 2) all the way up to 91 cents; after having such parabolic move we have seen an extremely shallow retracement in retrospect suggesting that there is much more growth ahead in this asset class and that it is still undervalued. The chart shows a rounding out with strong buying accumulation, with any dips being bought up in this current 4th wave retracement as we move into the 5th wave impulse targeting new highs around $3-4; with significant resistance to be expected at the ~3.618 fib extension at $4.75. High time frame indicators have reset and a reasonable amount of time has passed since our Minor wave 3 top to say that the 4th wave correction is coming to an end. Buying at current levels is plausible with a stop under $0.474 support level .

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