BTC Ending Diagonal Elliott Corrective Wave

Well, there is not fear in the cryptomarket nowadays, so it is the perfect moment for a crash. With stock markets in ATH . Both, stocks and Crypto in my personal point of view will suffer a correction within the next days. Cryptomarket become a casino, where people can invest in coins like Doge and get double or nothing. It is time for a market cleaning, healthy correction to go up again.

As per the analysis, I see a rising wedge with decreasing volume . This is bearish for me. You can see the difference from the beginning of the year when BTC break ATH went up strongly, the correction, the up strongly again. However it is not the case anymore, even we are making ATH , they are very close to the previous one showing market weakness.

The according to Elliott Waves Theory what I can see in the rising wedge is a ending diagonal which is a strong bearing pattern also, that can take us to the 52-48k levels by the end of April.

From that… market will be clean of weak hands and we will go up again. Stronger than ever.

Thanks for watching and reading.