Broken down trend

After years of losing ground to BTW LTC is showing signs of recovery.

as shown here LTC was able to climb up against the strong BTC and is at the brink of breaking its downtrend.

if this happens it’s going to be as shaken champagne because this trend originates as from beginning 2018.

As a true crypto currency and not a S-Coin and because LTC has four times more coins then BTC ,it had the potential to be 25% the value of BTC .
certainly now Crypto currency are becoming accepted

on the short term a 25% recovery would not be a surprise to me but it has the potential to take back much more think 100% or more.

Also LTC is one of the few Currencies that’s on Binance US with an BTC pair ,
meaning if it’s start to go it goes crazy like XRP sometime,s does.

the difference is that is a true S-coin and a danger to the sector while Litecoin can be considered save.