RENUSDT 1DAY ://look at that bounce of the 50day average on 1day

anything at 1.usd or under is great. she might go sideways from .95 to 1.15 for the next few weeks or days but she is building to explode (unless black swan even n entire crypto market dunps this will go HARD. REN has a lot of projects n a lot of liquidity all over the place ie harder to get in n out fast n spread out. watch for the slow bleed with this one like if she suddnly makes lower lows n starts dipn below 1.00 this could be trouble but thats not what i am seeing rite now. if anything i think she might pump any day…. i will post a 4hr chart next _ see the trend shift to positive at the green mark on chart

_STOP LOSS .95 to .85 depending on risk tol . .89 to .87 is mine…. maybe .91 if she dropd hard hard n fast