XRP Don’t Get Shaken Out On Volatility

volatility that will scare a lot of retail investors.
From the technical standpoint if we break through 0.382 fib. retr. level fast enough and stay above it for few hours we could continue to go higher and touch a 0.5 level before eventually correct down. If this happens, correction could be 30-40%, even as deep as 50% is quite possible especially if 0.236 fib. level gets retested again.

So to sum up…. if 0.382 fib level wont correct the price, a 0.5 fib level will most likely do that. Whatever happens, 0.236 level is likely to get back tested at some point, maybe we deep even lower to a blue 2 year old support line, so don’t be gready now especially leverage trading xrp at that price, as you could get liquidated faster than you could ever imagine. Wait for the dip and then buy it if you chose so.

I am not a financial advisor so non of this should be taken as a financial advise. Do your own research, so you know what you hold.