EMC2/BTC Don’t miss the shuttle!

Currently we just broke above the channel we have been in since around Feb of this year after what looks pretty cup and handle like to me. If we hold top of channel we will probably see a new channel form.

Some of you may have seen the large spike today. If you aren’t aware of what the coin is all about you should take a look into it. I was fortunate enough to buy in around this price range years ago before the huge spike (go back and look at the chart from a few years back compared to the current price).

What was happening around that time before? A hardfork. From everything I’ve been seeing it looks like there may be another hard fork in around Late May – Early June. Sure we may not go 15X, but it could easily happen again. Regardless I’m holding some to see what happens. It has already about tripled since I took a position again. If you do take a position, I’d expect large spikes up and down. If you look at depth chart and buy/sell orders there really aren’t that many. It doesn’t take that much money into it to move the price way up or way down. This is more of a buy and don’t look at it for a month or two situation more than likely. The current low volume also makes it harder to liquidate a position quickly so be warned. The blue/aqua looking line is a resistance based off some older data. If we get above that we should be golden.

Disclaimer: This isn’t financial advice. I am not a professional. Trade at your own risk. This is me just sharing my thoughts.