What it’s XRP? The giant cryptocurrency that nobody talk!!!

Tonight, I will going to talk about XRP. This it’s another giant cryptocurrency that nobody talk in this year, and we see in the past days that XRP up ot the top 7 and right now it’s entry in the top 5 best cryptocurrency in 2021. Just that Cardano it’s another and one of my favorite cryptocurrency, but XRP it’s a big competitor with the rest of cryptocurrency, I see it how XRP it’s very importnat for the next massive wealth transfer in the human history. Well, XRP it’s one o my cryptocurrency into my big radar for a long time.

What it’s XRP?

1. It’s a cryptocurrency that move money to all concerns o the world.
2. XRP amiw wan’t to create a sustainable future for the next era of the wealth transer on the world to make a strong ecosystem or our global finance future.
3. XRP it’s used by hundreds of financial institutions choose the Ripple Net technology to provide like a solution a batter payment experience and enabe
greater economic opportunity for everyone and everywhere.
4. XRP it’s the new era o the finance industry for the XXI century.
5. This cryptocurrency it’s called Ripple, but their acronym it’s XRP. But much crypto-enthusiastic called this cryptocurrency like XRP becuase they say that this name called XRP it’s more better to say, and also personally, I am one of people that called this cryptocurrency XRP

XRP Solutions:

1. Ripple Net: It’s the financial network into the XRP blockchain technnology and work for the future to run using global payments business over the world.

2. How it’s work?

Hundreds of financial institutions around the world use Ripple Net to an easily and single using APIS to make moving money aster, more cheaper and more reliable for you on your customers. That help to reduce and eliminate the need to pre-fund accounts with On-Demand Liquidity. The On-Demand Liquidity it’s a services that use XRP assets to source liquidity during cross-border transactions, it’s like an alternative to our traditional finance system. The problem: When business going to send money to others business using the centralized system what bank have. You would need to pre-fund account to account manually that it’s not speed, it’s expensive to make wire transfer and during some days to receive money, in otherwise, this could be a stress for the people when they get access to money inmediately when we use the politics that are corrupt in the traditional finance system, we’re limited to send money independent what kind of money want to send if you’re a businessman, you’re will be limited by quantity how much money Do I can to send. The banks always have their policits to attend for the customers. The solution: Using XRP you can to send any quantity of money without any issues. Using XRP it’s more speed, low cost and less inconvenient to send money, for that, XRP it’s a cryptocurrency to make move the money for payments by business, institutions and more

Use this key: XRP = make move the money for payments by business, instituions and more.

3. Advantages to use XRP:

  • It’s have a superior customer experience
  • Modern infrastructure using blockchain technology
  • Unique liquidity solutions to eliminate pre-funding and free working capital using On- Demand Liquidity. The On Demand Liquidity it’s when we use Ripple Net customer use XRP to bridge two currencies in as little as three seconds, ensuring payments are quickly send and recover in local currency on either side o a transaction. This it’s the way to use in the financial markets to make XRP as the bridge between two currencies that we can to change fast to negotiate into the financial markets. This way it’s liquid, fast, afordable, less costly, more scalable and have a system sustainable.
  • Simpliied network partnering

4. Who are the financial institutions that be involucrated with XRP?

  • Banco Santander
  • Azimo
  • Lulu Exchane
  • SBI Remit
  • VIA Americas

Study cases:

1. Banco Santander it’s have a collaboration to use XRP to expand the international payments business using Ripple Net
2. Azimo use On-Demand Liquidity for faster international payments into the Philippines.

My Personal Opinion:

XRP it’s a cryptocurrency that pretend to make move the money over the world used by banks, institutions, one of the thing that I like of this cryptocurrency it’s the finance solution using the technology Ripple Net apply the On-Demand Liquidity when we want to make a bridge-coss between two currencies in the world and XRP between the currency to send and the cucrrency to received, so XRP it’s in the middle. And I like that becuase if we’re using for example Euro to change for another currencies to negotiate, we can to use XRP more scalable and productive to our financial markets to make payments and move money. Another one point that I consider in this cryptocurrency it’s that there’s not cryptocurrency like XRP. for that this cryptocurrenc it’s so unique. I believe that this cryptocurrency could be one of the best cryptocurrency like Cardano. It’s sorprendent in this week to look that XRP it’s now into the top 5 best cryptocurrency. for that, XRP could be one of the big competitor that nobody notice it. Another point that I found out that as XRP it’s bullish , maybe part of the next wealth transfer could be move to this cryptocurrency based in that XRP amid wan’t to create a new era of finance industry, if XRP have succesfull, XRP could be to entry in the top fintech business in the world recognizing their labor about the ecosystem so unique that pretend to resolve our global finance and make more easy to move our finance industry here using XRP, and maybe more business, institutions and banks going to join in this cryptocurrency. Now, another conspitation it’s that Simpson it’s send us signal in this cryptocurrency. I have been send you a you tube link where Lisa Simpson it’s learn about the cryptocurrency and she’s choose XRP as the favorite and Lisa predict that XRP worth $589 USD in the future. For that, I have a you tube channel that talk about XRP and the secrets of this cryptocurrency. Now, Personally, I hold near of 5,000 XRP coins that I bought when XRP was around of twenties cents level in January 2021. Now, XRP worth near of $1 dollar, the price in the live market it’s around o $0.93 cents. Now, I thinking to accumulate until 10,000 XRP to be in the par with Cardano, but making trading in Bybit, I can to accumulate the half of 5,000 XRP.

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