Cryptocurrency Investing for Beginners in 2021 | How To Buy Bitcoin & Ethereum in Australia 2021

Cryptocurrency Investing for Beginners in 2021. This is How To Buy Bitcoin & Ethereum in Australia in 2021 & how to store cryptocurrency on either an online wallet or a hardware wallet

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This video is a full beginners tutorial on how to buy Bitcoin & Ethereum in Australia 2021. Crypto currency has been very hot lately and in this video I also share some beginners steps when it comes to investing in Bitcoin & Ethereum in Australia.

Discussions in the video
– Understanding when you are ready to invest in cryptocurrency for beginners,
– How to sign up for an account with Independent Reserve
– How to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum in Australia for beginners
– How to set up DCA for Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin & Ethereum)
– How to store your cryptocurrency, online and hardware wallet discussion

I hope this video helps you on your cryptocurrency journey, please note, I am still learning about cryptocurrency investing in Australia and this video was just sharing my thoughts and learning in the space. I am not an expert in cryptocurrency investing but I hope you can relate to my story and follow along for more Bitcoin & Ethereum videos!

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0:00 Intro & Video Structure
2:14 Are You Ready To Buy Cryptocurrency?
4:07 Signing Up For an Exchange (Independent Reserve)
5:24 How To Buy Bitcoin & Ethereum on Independent Reserve
8:21 AutoTrader Overview on Independent Reserve
9:38 How To Store Your Cryptocurrency
11:02 Online Wallet Overview + Withdrawing Your Crpytocurrency
12:38 Hardware Wallet Overview & Options
14:24 Wrap Up