BNBUSDT Price Prediction

as community asked I give some more detail on how you can use my predictions and how they calculated(but not in deep details).
THINK Simple is my approach. there are no more lines and too many shapes on chart. its simple to understand. if you are looking for complicated analysis so community is full of them. I respect them all.
now go to chart
I calculate Border line and Take profit points(Price note Labels) based on :
1-price movement
2-price start, high and retracement
3-market state( bullish or bearish )
4-i don’t look for S & R lines(but if you found border line and price are according to them it is a very good Sign)
5-GREEN PRICE Labels are Targets that Reached in previous predictions
6-RED PRICE Labels are those cancelled or Stopped
7-BLUE PRICE Labels are in progress

how to use prediction:
first please go back and take a look at my previous predictions to see how is win rate
second: in totally there are 2 point, one is border line and second is take profit or target
using border line: if price bounce from border line it could take TARGET but if price break border line and close on it so prediction may fail and stop Reach.
border line and targets are Labeled by time frame and means it may have two or more prediction in one time frame. labels of border and target have same Color and text.
each prediction contain previous prediction labels marked with failure or success.
please comment and let me know.

in this chart it seems we are going bearish . price dropping
calculated border line and target is Shown.
the border located at 403.5483
if price bounce from border and continue to drop then target(BLUE Price note) may reach. but if border broke and price goes above it so prediction is cancel.