Ethereum was running last week and we saw as of right now for the last 10 days a 32% jump up! With BTC dominance still falling and not showing much upside I think this week we are going to see some very positive price action! ETH is getting very close to the top FIB level/ ATH it would be ideal if tomorrow we came out hot and closed our daily above the Top FIB putting us back into price discovery! The MACD looks very bullish we are seeing big separation in the bands. Aswell the EMA ribbons are starting to turn upwards and hopefully we can see them open up even more and carry us with some bull momentum. The RSI is cruising below the overbought zone but i think if we see a push past the ATH then we could see a little selloff to test supports and then start heading back up aswell to let our RSI come back down into the neutral zone! Not financial advice just my opinion