KCS Is just plain undervalued, let me tell you where It’s going!

Hello traders and investors 😄! Lets talk about KCS, KuCoins baby 👌
I feel that KCS has immense potential when BTC is done correcting. KCS would be a great one to swing trade/hodl. Here are some reasons why⏬

1. KCS is KuCoin’s utility coin 💲👏
2. It is now fundamentally superior to BNB as a coin ✌ (Binances CEO openly attacked Ethereum at its weak point, that’s a NONO because immutable X is going to boost Ethereum with layer 2 scalability)
3. It offer’s 20 percent of trading fees in return profit as long as you hold over 6 KuCoin 😍💲
4. KuCoin offers millions of dollars in trading competitions financed by their bots, many of which involve the trading of KCS

Long story short, I see how undervalued both KuCoin and KCS are. KuCoin requires no KYC . Now that’s already phenomenal, but the way things are headed In certain countries, will provide them with a huge boost, as many government’s are looking to control cryptocurrency🌎🛑🚫. They are pushing too hard. Don’t worry though, Kucoin is going to take advantage of being the best site with no KYC and explode!
Now there’s the another key element to KCS 🚀🌚. KuCoin bots🤖. KuCoin Is In control of their entire exchange. They could, and from my research have been manipulating prices. Overcorrections, to holding coins down, including KCS. Upon talk of this weekend being the end of the bull market, the bots allowed KCS to push up a couple dollars in a few days. You can see clearly how it was held down several times until it finally flipped the 5.30 resistance, now trading In the 7 dollar range. Before the institutional investors push BTC to 100 K, KuCoin has more time to sell their token as the 🐾 bears take control of the market before the big push, when the bots will let up again!
KuCoin, unlike other exchanges, is pushing people to use inferior bots they offer for free on the KuCoin phone app. I’ve learned to tell the difference between the more sophisticated KuCoin bots and the inferior ones. It is clear that KuCoin has control of many cryptocurrencies through their bot🤖 system, and are just waiting for the right time to push their own coin, KCS, to the moon..🏁🌚 🚀

Best time to pick it up would have been when it was below 5.3 a couple of days ago, but lets wait and see what the market does and maybe you can scoop it up if we see some more 🐾 bearish movement, and hold to the moon😅

Please trade at your own risk, Jazerbay 💕