Sensorium Galaxy 4.2.21

Sensorium is GOING TO BE HUGE. i cannot stress this enough. This will be one of my last charts on it as many are going to continue to dismiss this and not pay attention. So who is a believer in it.
Mikhail Prokhorov. Who is he? Russian billionare. Former owner of Brooklyn Nets.He controls Sensorium Corp.
Lets go down the rabbit hole here so pay attention.
Jay Z is/was a huge owner in Sensorium token through Tidal. Jay Z was also a huge owner in Brooklyn Nets. We see some sort of inner circle here. THese guys DO NOT MAKE MISTAKES. cough ROC-a-Fella(ROCKEFELLER)
Now Jay z sold Tidal to….. one of the biggest BITCOIN believers and holders in the world. Yes Jack Dorsey’s SQUARE recently acquired Tidal so now it would be safe to assume that Dorsey is now the investor via Square.
REMEMBER if we arent sure we…FOLLOW THE MONEY
now why else Senso ? AI. NFT. ARTISTS like David Guetta. Carl COx.
If you dont get it i dont really have time to explain. This is a long term hold. i dont care what it does. if it crosses a line or whatever else nonsense people come up with. we think long term and we envision the future and then invest before others do