There is no educational value in watching other animals in captivity, where they cannot display their
natural behaviour. Whether animals are taken from their natural habitat or bred in captivity, stress is
inevitable. What you can do:
• Watch kingfishers dive into a stream, birds of prey hover in the air and massive flocks of starling
sweep in the sky – isn’t that literally awesome?
• Watch nature documentaries or search for information and videos about other species online
• Learn more about successful reintroduction programmes such as sea eagles in Scotland, the
Mauritius pink pigeon, and other successful conservation programmes
• Visit a natural history museum
• Read a good book about animal behaviour

Now lets look at the chart, I posted this

chart about 1 month ago. Now it is almost 120%.

As you can see, we are still far away from the weekly resistance, I think that 16-18USD is possible in the near future, so EXPECT another 60%-80% profit.