MATICUSDTPERP for retest too?


Hello friends. Today I want to consider the MATIC coin. As shown on the chart, the coin is consolidating in the channel for a long time. The price moves from level to level. I suppose that now a strong player is gaining a position. The zones are marked on the graph. Locally, the price pushes back to the resistance level , forming an ascending triangle . Globally, the price is pushing towards the main resistance level . Perhaps there will be a small correction now. You need to enter on a smaller timeframe on a pullback. Take, noted on the chart. But, in any case, we observe risk management and no more than 1-2% of the deposit per transaction!

💸 Price for entering a trade according to your TS
📈 Take-Profit: within the marked zone
⛔️ Stop-Loss: below an important level
⚠️ Be careful, high-risk trade