ENJ/USDT 4h simple analysis in 2nd/Apr

Hi, crypto traders.

Now ENJ is in a sideways market.

20h line and 80h line are close and 240h line is also coming closer. It’s difficult to predict next move, but I hope ENJ will jump up because JumpNet will release in 6th / Apr .

One good news yesterday is OKEx listed ENJ to Margin Trading & Savings.

Please refer the following link.


My prediction is same as yesterday.

If ENJ goes up:
1st target is 2.80USD.
2nd target is 3.10USD.

If ENJ goes down:
1st target is 2.30USD.
2nd target is 2.00USD.

Enjoy your trading.

ENJIN ( ENJ ) is next-gen NFTs.

Products that make it easy for individuals, businesses, and brands to use non-fungible tokens of the future.

You can check ENJIN from the following link.

ENJIN: https://enjin.io/