ETH may drop but this is very good area to buy

There is some chance that market may drop im not sure how big but just in case it happens dont panic but appreciate it as great buying flash sale opportunity
🙂 ETH @1275 is 21 weekly EMA and 1300 is round number plus strong fibonacci levels this is very nice buying zone in case dump happens, I give solid 70% chance that from these levels it can rally to 2000 easy. Let me know your thoughts. For bitcoin I will not make another idea but at 50200 looks strong support also if price doesnt touch these levels in ETH exactly then look in other coins BTC cardano 0.99-1.02 bzrx crv and other coins weekly 21 daily ema plus if fibonacci levels fromm last rally come close creating buying zone its always fantastic opportunity to enter market. Cheers.
Some people are talking about weekly and daily MACDbearish divergences for bitcoin I was looking at charts and yes there are some bearish divergences.
This week bitcoin futures expire we may see till end of week some crazy action but later I believe market will recover strongly.
Let me know your thoughts what do you think where we are compared to previous cycle begining of 2017 or this cycle is already over?
Personally I think no, because halving happened just last year and in previous cycle bull run was around 500 days so till end of summer I expect bull run, alt total market cap also is barely breaking previous high while bitcoin already did 3X from previous high.
But we may have some serious correction in between.
Just be prepared not saying it will happen but it can happen.

21 weekly ema is much lower but for ETH its closer so it looks like more likely ETH 21 weekly ema will be tested sooner.