GRT – GReaT Week Ahead

The past week, GRT has been holding nicely above the upwards 1/2 gann line using it as support. The MACD shows the decreasing momentum of this past correction, and the MACD line looks like it will cross over the signal line soon which will indicate the start of an upward trend. When GRT made a new ATH back in February, a week later it retested the ATH but it could not break above. This created a double top . I will be watching that level of key resistance to see if GRT can have a daily close above that line and then hold it as support because when it does, I predict GRT will have another massive run. However, if GRT has a daily candle close below the 1/2 gann line, I will expect more movement to the downside.

I wish you all prosperous and happy trading!!:)