XRP Geniuses of the game Triangle + Head and Shoulders

Pay attention to the numerical value of the levels and squeezes. Think about why such a huge squeeze was needed when pumping + 200% “wallstreetbets” on a 1D timeframe. What thanks to this see some and other traders, how this squeeze is displayed on the line chart, which determines the trend.

This is how traders using a line chart see the chart. This is the daily timeframe . Consider who most of the time uses a line chart for their analysis. The bulk of the crowd uses Japanese candlestick charts. Do you think these compressions ruined the graph or not?

will they be able to beat traders who are smart and have big money

Do you know the exact future local trend? They are not. Globally yes, locally no. The general picture of the development of the situation with a high degree of probability and the estimated price (which is not particularly important at the moment) before the public alleged planned announcement has long been known and was announced publicly. But, reality consists of many factors from which the desired ultimately can be quite different from what is being realized.

The most important thing is not to be in the main stream of “givers” and not be interested in FUD news. And if you’re interested, read between the lines. Much has been written there lately about fossil and non-fossil natural resources.

Remember what was said to everyone except “pumping the FUD” when “pumping the pump group” in public. Maybe they weren’t lying when they said buy and forget to buy no matter what? Or they lied to make money locally on extrusion. From the call to buy and hold a month ago, what is the price now?

Give the fool any amount, large or small, then the desire to have even more, thanks to the combination of greed and stupidity, he will certainly zero it. The only question is when it will happen in the “hamster” space of time.