In this short Toot , we are using STOCHASTIC 25 ,3,3 as our main idea in culmination with RESISTANCE & SUPPORT.

* Some observations not mentioned in the vid are that these are ENTRY point observations on a time frame 4 hours and BELOW AFTER observing 4 hour time frames and ABOVE.
* Indicators are just that , they indicate possible areas of a trade / purchase. They are to be used together with other visual on chart observations like
Candle patterns , Candle Volume trend lines , Res and Supp . Never ever use an indicator as a stand alone entry .
* The stochastic is an oscillator type indicator that creates a sine wave between 0-100. The area’s above 80 and below 20 are technically NOT over bought or over sold , they are over oscillated
if that makes sense .
I hope to make some more of these toot’s and appreciate feedback on how I can improve them . Unfortunately I don’t have a radio announcers voice so that cannot be change but
I would appreciate if they are too long/short , Too much information or too little or any questions concerning the toot . Really appreciate any newbies with questions or any pros with constructive feedback . Let’s try to build a good learning space here guys , what do you think ?