Don’t worry, it’s not late. Just buy and please research why.

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The market has decided.

This will revolutionize means of payment. You will be able to pay anyone at any time with anything you want (stock, crypto, fiat, gold , whatever), while they will be able to receive anything they want.

This is a system worth trillions of dollars. It will beat maximum market cap of Etherium by the end of this year, probably even faster.

I am convinced that in the near future, the whole stock market industry will die and this will be the alternative. It will allow for better pricing, less bueraucracy, virtually no fees and overall it will be the decentralized internet of markets and currencies.

With millions of people around the world, hosting Cardano pools, we will get an alternative internet. Maybe even people like Kim Dotcom and projects like Megabox could in the near future, use resources provided by Cardano pool hosts.

Bitcoin (and slowly Etherium) have significant problems with power consumption. And although this can be fixed, it will be very difficult for developers to reach consensus. Cardano has a great voting system and the project is fundamentally on solid foundations, while at the very start, all the problems of BTC and ETH are solved.

ADA market cap is currently at $45B at the moment.

There is no such thing as crypto market crash, these are not stocks. There is merely a transfer of money towards the better system, and I am telling you that the Cardano is so far the best crypto system that gives an option to any use. It can be anonymous, it can be public, it can be regulated and it doesn’t have to be regulated.

This will provide any government an easy adoption of the system. It will allow you an option to disclose your purchasing information if you wish (for example if your government requires you to provide proof of payment or evidence), but you cannot be forced. You can choose not to disclose any information.

There is so much to say about Cardano, but people rarely want to read long and elaborate explanations.

I wish you well, and here is a great song which longs for the old silk road.

Well, we have a new silk road, and it will be glorious. This will wipe out all the corrupt centralized money printers, and I believe that in the long term, this will wipe out the stock market.…

And I really mean it. There will be no need for such a thing as a stock market. This crypto platform will place the fundamentals for crypto investments into companies like you’ve never seen before.