ADAUSDT: ANY Dip (25% or More From Top) SHOULD Be Licked Up!!!

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Hi everyone! Please remember to keep in mind to DOLLAR COST AVERAGE on these dips. Do NOT assume the price action must fall down significantly during a period of upward pressure. One should always spread out buy orders 25 to 35 percent from the high AT ALL TIMES during a Long Term Bull Trend (like we are in now). Use the tool I used to determine what 25 percent from high would be and what 35 percent from high would be. If it only falls down 32.5 percent and does not fill all your buy orders, it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth “canceling” those buy orders and FOMO in as the price is going up AFTER a 32.5 percent drop from the high of $1.20. If you wish to keep those buy orders open and not cancel them during this current period of downward pressure, that’s totally up to you. However, if we begin to see a reversal to upward pressure approaching in the 3-Day, 4-Day and 5-Day time frames and your orders are not filled yet; you should seriously consider canceling those remaining orders and use the remaining funds to buy back in on the next dip in the 45min. 90min. and 3hr. time frames.