AION/BTC – price refund, hike up. (GAS / BTC formations)

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Hello dear friends.
Under consideration by AION / BTC .
Paired with USDT – the coin brought a good profit, and the stop loss is at breakeven.

Now I want to invite you to assess the risks and look for a good entry point to the position in order to update the nearest Target at around 0.00000778
Follow your trading system and do not overstate the lot in the position.
Best regards to you, your Friend Opptrade.
This Channel is not financial advise, It’s My opinion and My observation: @opptrade

Dear friends, traders.
My trading ideas here are not financial advice or coercion into action. I am not responsible for your trading and how you follow all aspects of correct trading.
– I do not recommend that you trade AT ALL if you do not know what risk management is, money management.
– I do not recommend that you trade without a STOP LOSS.
– And I’m not responsible for your “make millions of dollars fast” gag
– I am only showing you the charts that suit me for certain positions.
– For each position – RESPONSIBILITY LIES ON YOU.
If you don’t use all of the above, your deposit will soon become $ 0
– Therefore, if you decide to follow my positions – Take responsibility for where the bad outcome may be.
In time, i to bee wrong too, and have a loss.

But with the correct observance of the indicated points, which trade with me others traders – they earn (NOT IN A DAY, but in the medium, long term)

I am only showing you how this or that scenario can work in trading.

For all your actions, only you are responsible.

💠💠💠I am not a scammer and I am concerned about your trade.💠💠💠