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Every time I’m on the internet I find a bunch of people talking about trading like it’s the easiest thing. It seems like everyone is an expert and everyone is making 6 figures doing this. I have heard of a bunch of people turn 1,000 into 168,943.61+ or just have some crazy returns. Some say ohh I got lucky I know(I need some of that luck LOL) others say they are just a master and know exactly everything. They always show the big return and tell you here’s how I did click the link below. I always click the link and somehow never get rich wtff 🤷🏼‍♂️ . I don’t know what type of foods these people were eating growing up but they are just beyond genius or maybe I’m just dumb. At one point I thought trading was just hard but after so many people claiming they made tons of money from trading so easily that can only mean one thing I WASN’T BORN TO BE RICH. BRUH even the gorilla glue girl will probably take all her earnings from gofund me and make 100 Million from trading. Can someone help me turn $200 into at least 50k fast????