XLM BULLISH!, Next Target 0.7746 Minimum, New ATH < 20 Days

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Hi everyone,

CHART Analysis

I’m very bullish on Stellar Lumens and see a huge jump up, the price is currently moving above strong support, and ranging within an ascending wedge .

Once we Push Above 0.517, out next resistance is at $0.61 & and once we breakout from that resistance and flip it to support we should rally a minimum of 25% to 125% depending on volume , BTC price & market sentiment and the white energy that is building up on the 3-day, 5-day, and weekly.

XLM will aim to break its previous ATH of 0.98 and reach the 2.618 fib level of $1.06, I then expect a small retrace, and them we can gear up for $2-$4

Also, looking at the bottom of the chart we see that the green line is crossing the Red RSI going up which is a good sign indicating that prices are going up.

Something interesting I noticed is the consistent pattern XLM has been printing and calculated some numbers, I found out that XLM has been spending 19.6% less time between every peak and the following one.
so if that remains the same we can expect the target of $1.06 by March 10th

Fundamental Analysis:

Furthermore, XLM is fundamentally better than XRP and is decentralized.
Remember, XRP jumped from 0.19 to $4.51 during the last ALT season, and with XRP being in muddy waters due to the lawsuit with The SEC, we can only expect XLM to continue rising.

As BTC stabilizes and ETH exhausts from reaching higher due to ETH-Killer Tokens, inevitably money will start to trickle down from top 5 Coins by Market Cap to XLM .
There are numerous partnerships being announced regularly, making XLM THE LEADING PROJECT in its field.


Other interesting news that could have a positive affect on XLM price:

“Ripple, SEC Say Settlement Unlikely Before Trial Over Alleged Securities Violations” – Published on Coindesk within the past 2 days.

This is not a financial advise. DYOD&R.

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