LINKUSDT Update and Price Targets

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LINKUSDT is showing upward pressure in all short term timeframes (90min, 3hr, 6hr, 12hr and 1 day) with the Green Line above the White Energy.

Looking at the 6D and 9D timeframe, it looks like there is still room for the price to increase at least until 24th Feb 2021. Upward pressure could also continue up to the next 6D candle at 2nd March before some sort of pullback or correction occurs.

In addition, the price broke out from this symmetrical triangle below, so we would expect a price target of 41.2 USDT.

This price target corresponds to the upper range of my 1.618 Fib level which is from 38.5 to 41.2 USDT as shown in the image below. If upward pressure continues, the next price target will be the 2.0 Fib level which is from 45.9 to 49.2 USDT.

We will have a closer look at the charts next week to have a better look at the price action so that we can determine when the pullback will start (if any).