UNFI / USDT pair: potential entry here after trend break

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UNFI / USDT pair on binance: potential entry here on this retest after breakout of descending triangle . Stop loss around 10%, profit target 30% at previous ATH . Per market conditions, sell half at ATH 30% (or take profit earlier around 20%), move stop B/E and let it ride to your next targets (50%, etc)

UNFI is a 72 million small cap gem on binance.
Crypto 2021 Strategy notes:

I enter trades in 5 and 10% positions (of total trading portolio). If possible I look to add to succesful positions to a max of 25% total of portfolio.

For this cryptocurrency 2021 bull market, my profit taking targets are around 40-50%, in quarters, thirds or sometimes halfs. I look for 80-100% gains for further profit taking.

Depending on the coin and cycle of its pumps, I hold some of my position through 100-200-300% returns on the lucky ones, taking profits on the way up. ($LUNA, $ADA)