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In this video we have Lea Thomspon ( from Washington to talk about her views on long term accumulation of Bitcoin. Is Bitcoin still cheap? Is Bitcoin still worth buying now? Should you buy Bitcoin even when it has gone up massively?

What should be your style when investing in Bitcoin? What makes Bitcoin so relevant right now and why should you be investing in it? What gives bitcoin so much merit?

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Please do not buy a stock just because it is talked about in Youtube. This video is for informational purposes. This is to give you a reference point and data on how you are suppose to analyse stocks only. Never buy or sell just because of this video.

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If you want to know more on what Bitcoin is, how can you make money off of it, is it a legit investment, is Bitcoin a scam, why is Bitcoin the currency of the future? what makes it good and why should you be investin in it?

Is Bitcoin risky or is it soemthing that you should invest into for the long term? What should be your battleplan for Bitcoin as an investor?