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We see on the 4h time frame
Elliot wave pattern complex correction

THE preceding trend is neutral
We also see on the 4h time frame spinning tops and doji formed throught out the session in. This box range.

We also see the rally on the last 5 candles losing Steam this is clearly noted in the last 2 candles before the doji that is currently Froming

We could use this a indication that the bullish momemtum has been holded and we could see a the market doing it final correction with in the Elliot wave pattern before doing it assent to higher levels.
Or drop even lower.

We need to keep in mind that btcusd has been expendaning on a base and the pinbar that was form during the uptrend before the correction pattern is still in play

We need to know that the high is still major resistancd that turned into support.

A break below this support level and the pinbar formed during uptrend is keeping the market up and is a point of bullish stability.

A break below this pinbar or hammer is the only time when we could see a massive drop in btcusd .

but currently we could say that the market is mostly still bullish

At the end of correction the up trent will continue