15m – A Long trade opportunity with a potential APF (intraday)

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An upcoming long/buy trade opportunity with a potential bullish APF. Entry, SL, TP, and setup’s POR as seen in the chart. TAYOR

Abbreviations / Keywords:

LTF – Lower Time Frame
HTF – Higher Time Frame
TF – Time Frame
TRS – Trend Reversal Strategy
CRT – Counter-Retail Technique / Break-out
APF – Advance Pattern Formation
W4C – Waiting for Confirmation
LLCC – Lower low, lower close
HHHC – Higher high, higher close
SL – Stop loss
TP – Target Profit
POR – Point of Ruin
RRR – Risk Reward Ratio
TAYOR – Trade at your own risk

Risk Disclaimer: This is not a trade signal hence we’ll not be held responsible for any losses that will occur in your account during trading. You and you alone are responsible for deciding if you are comfortable accepting the potential risk involved in trading. So trade at your own risk and do not invest money you cannot afford to lose. Do your own due diligence.