Is Bitcoin Just Starting Out? Invest Or Not? w/ Dan Held interview (Ep. 250)

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I discuss what is Bitcoin, its strengths, possible risks, potential other blockchains, and its path ahead with Dan Held, growth lead at Kraken.

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00:00 – Intro
00:40 – Tesla buying BTC
4:55 – BTC as gold 2.0
6:45 – Satoshi’s white paper
9:30 – Why BTC has not evolved to a payment system
11:50 – Metaverse currencies
15:07 – BTC’s proof of work
20:55 – BTC vs other cryptocurrencies
24:13 – BTC vs centralized crypto
31:48 – What’s the point of BTC?
37:40 – Is BTC too deflationary?
43:33 – BTC dumping risk
48:54 – Existential risk for BTC
57:25 – Corporations more powerful than nations?
1:04:00 – Can BTC encryption be cracked?
1:16:45 – Explanation of BTC as a “risk-free” asset
1:24:25 – Demand for BTC’s effect on price
1:30:00 – BTC risk from other cryptos
1:50:50 – Kraken growth
1:54:50 – Conclusion

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