Alpha Finance – Asymmetric DeFi opportunity

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A favorite DeFi darling for those in the know. Backed by a dedicated team and active community, Alpha recently broke into the billion dollar club in TVL and the top ten at DeFi Pulse. This was perhaps the fastest pace for any DeFi protocol to reach these milestones thus far. Fortunately there is still time to bag under $3 as we bounce around this triangle pattern . Question is will we get the chance to reactivate APE mode under $2 and revisit strong support around 1.25-1.60? I hope so but I’m more inclined to believe the next move is UP. Either way I’ll be adding some to my position breaking upwards or feasting heavily if we do see a lower retest.

Don’t listen to the paper handed babies who whine about token distributions. The only thing that matters is network effect and money flow . The Wall Street/corporate/normie cash goes first to BTC then ETH and then DeFi. If you can understand the asymmetric potential of Alpha Finance you will hear your inner Ape calling you to bag before it’s too late.

Thank you and good luck.