Next Stop Bitcoin 52k ? BTC/USD #Bitcoin $BTC

Here we see our weekly Bitcoin chart which earlier hit close to 45k which was a previous level I predicted in a recent chart of mine I’ll link below . But if you see that black arrow on my chart it is pointing at the 2.618 fib near 52264 which seems like it could be our next stop before further moves up . This isn’t necessarily a straight line up ! But seems we will break above 50k soon enough . The swings are big now that we are in the Bullrun year . Also notice the 3.618 fib extension above that which sits at 72k ! That’s a target too though it could definitely take a bit longer to reach these targets . Everything is looking good though . Don’t assume this is happening today though , it could take some time . I’m just noting that an obvious target above us is the 2.618 fib . We should eventually we go there.