ETHUSD 05 FEB 2021 1936hrs

I think ETH has been moving pretty independently of the other main coins or tokens or whatever they are called.

appears like the cycle is beginning again. Waiting for retest/revisit to support or immediately below.

Look to the left for a recent example and perspective of the time spans.

Price levels are easy to project. You can say that price will hit such and such level EVENTUALLY. Well, they all hit a level eventually.But can you give an approximation of WHEN it could happen?

lol.. its easy in a way. Time analysis. So now you can break the skill sets required into 4 parts:

– Trend analysis ( Daily, 4 hour, 1 hour). Elliot wave theory can be useful as well as Gann .

– Range analysis (15 and 5 min) Wyckoff/ VSA . Supply and demand methods using volume

– Candle analysis (all tine frames) Looking for stopping volume , SOS’s or SOW’s

– Time analysis. Activation of session divider or other session indicator.

FX is more consistent and the time of highest volume is generally easy to identify onm the main pairs. You can judge wether or not most of the activity is during London or NY. With Digitals its a bit tricky to ascertain. From what my eye is seeing there appears to be a tendency for the real volume to trade during the later half of the session. This can be useful in helping to make some reasonable assumptions on where the big money player are maybe coming in.

We already have our horizontal target projections
We know what to look for once price enters this target area

Now we can make some assumption on time:
-Tomorrow is the weekend which iusually means less activity in the rest of the markets
– the highest volume tends to happen later in the session

… like reading a map