A fat ass and/or cup-of-coffee is all you need to start the day!

I dunno? What do you see?

Fat ass double bottom or a 4hr Cup and Handle forming as we speak?

3-4-5-6 broke my trend-line, 5-6 closed above it for confirmation.

My re-entry was at .045, exit at the wick on a limit sell on the .05899, re-entry on the .044, the bears tried to shake me out at .0421! I am trading the chop until the herd comes.

I am nervous, too many winning trades, I am going to say a prayer to Lord Crypto!

**The double bottom breakout is a bullish reversal trading pattern that emerges at the end of a bearish trend .

***The real trap comes from the handle component. This gradual and slow range is what will set the stage for the bullish trend to restart. People will think this is a double top which will trap some weak sellers (me) when we finally break upwards.

.135 lets get at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!