Twister 300% ? FET/BTC #fetchai $FET #fet

Here we see our daily FET BTC chart on Kucoin .This looks great and Fetch AI is expecting a Mainnet in March so the good news and developments are going great for this project . Notice that the Ichimoku cloud is about to have a Kumo twist on the chart where my green arrow is pointing . A Kumo twist is a very bullish development on a higher timeframe chart and means that red cloud we are in will twist up on the ends and will become a green cloud . It’s very bullish and surely a good target for FET short term is that resistance above us where my purple arrow is pointing a bit above 900 sats .We could obviously go higher than that if Mainnet news pushes us up further and 200% to 300% seems doable . But I expect FET can do much more than that this year but larger developments may happen later in the year . This looks great . A fantastic long-term hold as well through end of year imo .