LINK.USDT (Y21.P1.E1).Upward pressure

Looking at the current structure, one can comprehend another triangle type of continuation pattern, just more delayed than ADA and ETH.
The assumption here is that BTC will keep going sideways for some time.
If BTC drops below 34500, you can bet the ALTs will follow suit.

The trick, when to buy?
I use the lower time frames and the EMA confluence to buy in.
We are now at a resistance point, so buy in after the break and its pullback or like I said, using the small trend and its pullback on the ema ribbon.

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2Day chart, shows previous ATH was tested and wicked up on a few occasions. So the demand area has been established.
On this chart, I have another section where its wicked and also showing upward pressure and this current candle is responding.
Looking at the above chart, it makes sense that its likely a ascending triangle