Ethereum (ETHUSDT) Daily Long&Short Trade Setups 2021/02/02

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Market Overview

  • Price Action: ETH rallied 11% from a low of $1270 to a high of $1411, and is currently taking a pause in its rally.
  • Chart Patterns: N/A
  • Areas of Interest: The area(s) of interest for us are the 200MAs @ $1335-1345 and the highs @ $1437. Once price reaches one of our areas of interest and gives us a valid entry signal, I will update the trade, so make sure you follow me to get the trade entry signals in real time.

Trade Setups
Below are the potential trade setups that I would be interested in trading. Once price reaches one of these zones, I will monitor closely and post a trade signal if we get a high probability trade setup.

Long Trade Setup #1: Retest and Continuation (200MAs)
1. Price Action: Price needs to move back down to the 200MAs, currently projected to be @ $1335-1345 by the time price reaches it, and bounce back up.
2. Trade Entry Confirmations: Bullish candlestick pattern, strong volume, MACD bottoming

Short Trade Setup #1: False Breakout
1. Price Action: Price breaks above and then falls below the high @ $1437, forming a bull trap
2. Trade Entry Confirmations: A breakout candlestick followed by a breakdown candlestick, strong volume on both breakout candle and breakdown candle, MACD topping out

Recent Trades

  • 2021/ 01 /30: We had winning trade! We entered a long @ $1370.5, with Stop Loss @ $1352.3, and price reached a high of $1390, giving a risk reward ratio of 1.1:1, meaning if you risked 1BTC on this trade, you could’ve made 1.1BTC.
  • 2021/ 01 /28: We had two trades yesterday, 1 win and 1 loss. The losing trade we entered short @ $1272.8 and hit stop loss. The winning trade we entered short @ $1289, max TP $1260, giving a risk reward ratio of 1:44, meaning if you risked 1BTC on this trade, you could’ve made 1.44BTC.
  • 2021/ 01 /11: We had losing trade! We entered a long @ $1024.8, with Stop Loss @ $971, which was hit.

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  • I have taken hundreds of live trades, each recorded with over 50 data points, all meticulously analyzed, using data analysis and modeling to optimize win probability and risk reward.

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