NLG/USD Awakens from Bearish Hibernation; Last stop: Valhalla

This project is one of the best kept secrets in the entire crypto space. While people chase after DOGE which has over 120B coins and very little development and only rises because of the Musk Effect, Gulden’s current supply is ~0.475% of DOGE’s…which makes the NLG supply *closer to BTC’s supply than DOGE’s supply is to Gulden’s* …yet DOGE is 4x the price of Gulden?! Think about that for a while.

In terms of “Value Investing”, one might say that NLG’s eventual and much-deserved appreciation will make DOGE’s rise look modest by comparison, especially when you take into account NLG vs. DOGE current price per exchange volume in relation to aggregated available supply. There are folks selling dozens of millions of DOGE at 5 cent, meanwhile there are less than 5 Million NLG *that are even available to be bought from the order books*–That’s how scarce NLG is since a significant percentage of the supply is locked into the Witnessing protocol that rewards holders which makes NLG objectively one of the safest, longest standing and efficient blockchains available. It just needs more promotional traction from popular influencers and a handful of fat cats to start entering the fray… and the price discovery that could occur for Gulden would (once again) bring the spotlight onto the vibrant fintech environment in which it can begin to flourish as a store of value and resume its status as one of the top merchant-centric and user-friendly cryptos available.

Green lines signify structural avenues within the incoming bull market.

Short term: look for consolidation in the 0.012-0.15 range to solidify and a break toward the local high

Medium term: If it violates the 0.0225-0.025 zone and breaks noticeably back above this nearly 3 year price resistance at this level, look for another doubling effect up to 4-5ish cent range and around here another protracted consolidation hangout between the former resistance of 0.025 and 5 cent is likely.

Long term: 10-15 cents then becomes the next logical trading range for it to re-establish (since it traded in this zone for over a year in the prior bull market).

Longer term: NLG Will eventually challenge prior ATH again (30x from here) and could even breeze past it the more capital inflows amplify and stay within the crypto sector, which appears likelier by the week at this point.